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Meal & Rest Breaks

Los Angeles Missed Meals & Rest Break Violations Lawyer

California Wage and Hour Laws: Meals and Rest Breaks

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In addition to the right to overtime pay, non-exempt hourly employees also have the right to receive:

  • A 30-minute unpaid, uninterrupted and off-duty meal period for every five hours worked
  • A 10-minute uninterrupted rest period for every four hours worked, or fraction thereof

Posner & Rosen LLP is a Los Angeles employment law firm that handles all manner of wage and hour litigation, including lawsuits involving failure to provide the meal and rest breaks required by law. Our attorneys bring more than 55 years of collective experience to the practice of employment law, and our law firm focuses exclusively on representing employees against employers.

Two Main Types of Meal and Rest Break Violations

It is important to note that this is an especially complex area of employment law that frequently changes. If you have questions about your right to meal and rest breaks, the best thing to do is contact an experienced employment law attorney for up-to-date information and advice.

With that caution in mind, the following are some examples of how an employer might violate the laws regarding meal and rest breaks:

  • An employer who requires employees to combine their rest breaks may be violating wage and hour laws.
  • An employer who interrupts a worker's meal break and requires the employee to perform work may be violating the law.
  • An employer who wrongfully demands that employees sign a "meal period waiver" or who forbids employees from leaving the premises during their meal breaks may be violating wage and hour laws. In very limited circumstances, and in very tightly defined types of jobs, employers can require employees to take on-duty meal breaks. Frequently, however, employers attempt to require on-duty meal breaks of employees whose job descriptions do not match the law's requirements.

If you have questions about your rights to meal and rest periods under California law, consult a Los Angeles employment law lawyer at Posner & Rosen. Call 213.389.6050 or send an e-mail to schedule an appointment.

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