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Separation Agreements

Los Angeles, CA Separation Agreements Attorney

In order to protect your interests, it is best to have a written contract establishing your wages and the terms and conditions of employment. The employment law attorneys of Posner & Rosen LLP can help you obtain the contract you want and avoid the legalese that can deprive you of the benefit of your agreement.

What should I do if my employer offers me a separation agreement or severance agreement?

Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you in negotiating a separation agreement that allows you to leave your former employer with dignity, respect and your head held high.

We will review the agreement, advise you of your options and advocate to help you obtain the best-possible outcome. Sometimes an employer will offer a very generous separation agreement because there has been some wrongdoing on the part of the employer. If the employee doesn't understand why the terms are so generous, he or she may be overlooking other legal options that should be explored and considered before signing the agreement.

If you need to negotiate an employment contract or separation agreement, call Posner & Rosen in Los Angeles at 213.389.6050 or contact us by e-mail. We represent individual employees and also large groups of union employees who are losing their jobs in layoffs.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a just and fair employment contract or separation agreement. We take employment-related problems very seriously. We are driven by our understanding of the devastation many people experience when the agreement they thought they had is not what they expected.

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