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Wage & Hour Disputes

Los Angeles Wage and Hour Disputes Attorneys

We Investigate and Litigate Violations of State and Federal Wage and Hour Laws

One of the most basic notions of California and federal wage and hour laws is the distinction between exempt employees and non-exempt employees. If you are an exempt employee, it means you are exempt from receiving the protections and rights afforded by wage and hour laws. If you are a non-exempt employee, then the wage and hour laws do apply to you.

One of the most common employer violations of California wage and hour laws is the misclassification of employees as exempt employees to avoid paying overtime, which the employer would have to pay if the employees were properly classified as non-exempt.

A Reputable Los Angeles Employment Law Firm Handling Wage and Hour Cases

The Los Angeles employment lawyers of Posner & Rosen LLP help victims of wage and hour violations receive back payment of wages from their employers. Our law firm was founded in 1985 by two partners — Michael Posner and Howard Z. Rosen — who are both members of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers. Only 3 percent of practicing employment law attorneys are members of this organization, which honors leading labor and employment lawyers nationwide.

Our law firm represents individuals and groups of employees whose rights under wage and hour laws have been violated. We handle cases involving misclassification, failure to pay overtime and failure to provide proper meal and rest breaks.

We are proud to report that we successfully settled a class action wage and hour lawsuit against a major restaurant chain with 150 stores throughout California. The lawsuit settled for $5.5 million.

If you think you may have a case against your employer for violation of wage and hour laws, call our Los Angeles employment law attorneys at 213.389.6050 or contact us by e-mail.

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