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Wrongful Termination

Los Angeles, CA Wrongful Termination Attorney

Not all employment terminations are wrongful under the law, even though they may be unfair. If your employment is considered "at will," you can legally be fired for many reasons. However, your firing may be considered wrongful termination if:

  • You have a written employment contract.
  • You don't have a written employment contract, but you are a long-term employee with an implied employment contract. For example, your employer may have told you as long as you do well, you have a future with the company.
  • You don't have a written employment contract, but you were terminated because of age, disability, family or marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • You were fired in retaliation for filing a complaint against your employer for sexual harassment, a wage and hour dispute, or another employer violation.
  • You were fired in retaliation for being a whistleblower and reporting your employer for some illegal or unethical activity.

If you think you may have a case against your employer, call the Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers of Posner & Rosen at 213.389.6050 or contact us by e-mail. We are dedicated to helping you achieve justice while resolving your wrongful termination case as quickly as possible.

One of our employment law attorneys will sit down with you and listen as you describe your case and your goals. Do you want your old job back? Do you want us to negotiate a separation agreement that is more beneficial to you? Do you want to pursue financial compensation from your former employer through a lawsuit? We will discuss your options, evaluate your chances of success and develop a plan for meeting your objectives.

Our law firm represents individual employees who were terminated as well as groups of employees and union members who lost their jobs in company layoffs.

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